Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers to make you more informed about the 2024 season!

1.) Where and how often do you practice?  

Locations for practices:

St. John’s Lutheran Church of Highland – 311 Cumberland Road. Pittsburgh, PA 15237

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church – 1965 Ferguson Road. Allison Park, PA 15101

  • 13s & 14s
    • 2/3 practices per week
  • 15s
    • 3 practices per week
  • 16s
    • 3 practices per week
  • 17s
    • 3 practices per week

2.) How many tournaments do your teams participate in and what is included with the players uniform package?

  • All teams are guaranteed 7/8 tournaments for the season.
  • The Nike uniform package for the 2024 season includes: Jacket/Pant Combo with embroidery, 2 uniform jerseys, 2 pairs of spandex, bookbag with embroidery and a pair of Nike court shoes. This is an additional cost to the season expenses HOWEVER will be recycled for the 2025 season to provide our members HUGE savings if they return for next season!

3.) How long is the season?

Club practices will officially begin following Thanksgiving for the 2024 season.  The season will conclude in early May when all teams go to and participate in the all club tournament unless the team is pursuing Nationals in Vegas or Orlando.

4.) What are the costs for the season?

  • 13s and 14s teams are $2400 for this 2024 season
  • 15s, 16s, and 17s are $2650 for the 2024 season

5.) How many teams do you roster?

  • More often then not, we roster one team per age group.  If the talent is there to create a second team for a specific age group however, we will roster a second team to accommodate the need of members and interested participants.

6.) Who will be coaching each team?

  • Pitt United prides itself on having credible and knowledgeable coaches.  Each coach undergoes an interview process, screening process including a criminal background check, child abuse clearance, safe sport course and training in concussion safety.  Each coach also must obtain a certification known as IMPACT which takes approximately 4 hours for completion.  Coaches at Pitt United are also provided with a coaches handbook of the club methods to approach teaching the game and skill set within their teams in addition to a practice manual containing over 80 drills focusing on all areas and difficulty levels of the game!

7.) How many players will be selected to each team?

  • 9-11 players.  No more, no less…

8.) Which schools does your program pull from?

  • We love the fact that Pitt United draws from multiple schools in the Pittsburgh region including: North Hills, Moon, Montour, Shaler, Fox Chapel, Seneca Valley, Mars, North Allegheny, Hampton, Eden Christian, Oakland Catholic and Pine Richland

9.) Do you do anything regarding the college recruiting process?

  • Absolutely.  If your daughter is trying to play at the collegiate level we want to help her achieve that goal.  We will assist in college coaches communication extending invitations to practices and tournaments, creating a skills tape and setting up college visits between the athlete, parents and coach.

10.) How competitive are your teams?

  • Our first priority is to train and get better and our second priority is to compete to win.  We have found over the most recent years, we are consistently beating out the other local teams from this area. Because of our consistent standings within our region and neighboring regions we advanced from a regional to “American/National” status.

11.) Do you go to National tournaments?

  • We evaluate the players on the team to draw the conclusion if they are a “National” team.  We anticipate sending our 15s, 16s and 17s to BID tournaments for the 2024 season in hopes of winning a BID to Nationals.  Other National level tournaments which may or may not be considered are any or all of the following:
    • Washington DC- Presidents Day Cup
    • Philadelphia- Northeast Qualifier
    • Indianapolis- Midwest Qualifier
    • Orlando- AAU Nationals

12.) Are hotel stays factored into the overall cost for the season?

  • They are not.  The cost of the club includes practices, tournaments and coaches fees.  Travel expenses including hotel stays are in addition to the overall cost or club dues.

13.) Does every girl play?

  • The club has a rule in which coaches are to follow
    • “Every Girl – Every Match.” Each player must play in every match at the tournaments their team travels to. This however may not include every game.
      • Should players have attendance issues/concerns or be significantly delinquent in their club dues this may be the only real reason why they would not play within the above club policy.

14.) How do you select your teams?

  • During the tryout process we evaluate players based on the following:
    • Position
    • Skill set
    • Volleyball Knowledge/IQ
    • Attitude
    • Athleticism
    • Coachability

15.) Why should we play for Pitt United and not another club in the area?

  • Plain and simple… we are so different then your other clubs!  This organization was started thirteen years ago FOR THE PLAYERS.  This is not a business mentality money making organization or club.  We pride ourselves in rostering one to two teams per age group and don’t feel we need more than that!  With us- your daughter is on our top priority!!!  We put all of our focus and emphasis onto EVERY ONE OF OUR PLAYERS because of this reason!  Your child will not get lost into the large abundance of teams and players like she may elsewhere.  WE ARE UNITED.  We practice together- sometimes travel together and we are an all club support system.  There is no drama and nonsense here.  At Pitt United- we are here to be better athletes, volleyball players and focus on the common goal of achieving mastery and success in the sport as both an individual and as a team.  We celebrate and recognize our teams and athletes constantly and put such a focus on protecting their mental health while participating in our organization.  There is a lot of work that goes into being a club volleyball player that we love to recognize with our teams.  At our annual club banquet at the end of the season, we take time to recognize all achievements made across the board from 13s-18s so that every person be player, parent, coach or volunteer knows just how valuable of a role they played in making the season that more special for the team and club!