Sport Specific Training

The use of sports specific training allows athletes to effectively reach their goals in their chosen sport. it can result in better performance, lower injury risk and increase competitive longevity.

Sport specific training simulates relevant movements or exercises in the gym, improving performance benefits on the field, track, etc. It provides athletes with real benefits, which we want to share with you here!

  • Injury Prevention: Each sport has the potential for different injuries, meaning different muscles must be strengthened. For example, a soccer player is at higher risk of a hamstring injury. This is because the quadricep muscle is naturally stronger – due to the player mostly kicking forward. Exercises targeting the hamstring muscle is then integrated into their gym training program to increase strength and reduce the chances of injury. Sports specific programming allows us to tailor movements based on common injuries we see in your athletes chosen sports, allowing for less injury, and more playing time!
  • Improves Speed and Agility: Strength, speed and agility exercises are a vital part of sport-specific training since they provide power improvements in a way that is specific to the required sport and technique. Some of the exercises that develop these skills include sprints, plyometrics, and weight lifting that mimic the same movements made in the desired sport. These exercises help in improving speed and agility for acceleration and being able to stop and change direction quickly. For example, sprint training exercises such as cone drills help in developing explosive speed.
  • Visual Skills Improvement: Lastly, sport-specific training helps athletes visualize why they are doing these drills. They are able to connect these drills to practices and games, making them much more understanding as to why they need to practice and improve these specific skills. In a way, sport-specific training can help athletes connect their offseason strength, speed and agility training in season fundamentals!

Don’t miss your chance for sports specific training!