Strength and Conditioning

Meet Our Trainers!

Anthony Sylvester

Head Speed & Strength Coach

Anthony realized at a young age the multitude of benefits to physical activity. A lifelong athlete, he realized the massive impact strength training and targeted performance training had both on the track or field, and in other areas of life. Since then, Anthony has dedicated himself to studying how to help others lead healthier more fulfilling lives through fitness.

Anthony earned both his B.S. and M.S. in Sport/Exercise Science from Gannon University. Throughout school, Anthony had the opportunity to serve as the strength and conditioning coach for Gannon’s Hockey Team, in addition to working at a local gym as a personal trainer. Since then, Anthony has coached over 100 adults to varying fitness goals, especially improving body composition and building strength and muscle. He’s also helped another 100+ scholastic and collegiate athletes to develop peak performance capacities in their respective sports and perform at very high levels, which include hockey, football, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, wrestling, tennis, volleyball and others.

He believes that taking care of one’s physical health is paramount to leading a happy and healthy life, and seeks to help as many people as he can along their own health and fitness journeys.